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NEW Full Spectrum CBD Tincture oil 1200mg
Formulated to Promote Energy, Balance; May provide aid in weight loss! May Provide a sense of Overall Wellness. May alleviate Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress. Spectrum CBD Tincture oil is Naturally unflavored and is one of our most Mild tasting offerings. The 1200mg of pure CBD oil makes this our mild potent blend. Best for those who need regular and deep doses of CBD; Best taking in Juices, shakes, food or coffee! ***PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WAIT 5-7 days for the CBD to GO THROUGH YOUR SYSTEM!(work out)***
mg= 40 mg per bottle 100% Pure; Vegan; Non GMO; Gluten Free; Dairy Free. This Product contains Hemp Stalk Derived, MCT oil and Natural Terpenes. This Product Contains Less then 0.3% THC. All of our Tinctures comes with Graduated Droppers so you can customizes and know you are getting the Correct dose All the time! Size 1fl oz/30 ml Labs Certify: Yes

Suggested serving: Place 1 dropper under the tongue 30 seconds before swallowing Serving size Milligrams: 1ml if taste is to strong add to juices, shakes, food, coffee.

**Must be 21 or older to Purchase this Product!**
**Don’t take any Cannabidiol if you’re Pregnant or Breastfeeding!**
**If you are taking any Medication, Please contact your Physician first!**
***FDA Disclaimer:.This Statement has not been Evaluated by the FDA, (Food & Drug Administration); ****This Product is not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any Diseases or Cancer!****

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